International Credit Cards

International Credit Cards

Most international credit cards are associated with various additional benefits, benefits that you should definitely take advantage of. This is like travel assistance and travel insurance.

Something that is becoming more and more common is collaboration cards. That is, several card issuers join forces to have a common card. Examples of this are Hydro Texaco and Mastercard, or Statoil and Diners.

The advantages of such cards are that they are usually cheaper

However, you should be aware that, for example, hotels and car rental companies often “hold” the money in your account. They withdraw your card before the room / car is used and in this way they can “reserve” the amount, even if they do not physically charge your account.

If you go on vacation a few days before payday, and have calculated the last penny for pocket money, you may be surprised. Then you should rather have a credit card .

The credit cards provide a payment delay of up to 50 days.

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This period is interest free for the card member. Payment is made by the card company billing you once a month for your use of the card. You will be sent a giro or you will be charged with direct debit. If you lose your card, all the companies promise that you will receive a new card within 24 hours.
If your credit rating is good enough, there should basically be no upper limit on how much money you can use on your card. In addition, all companies have financing options if you choose to postpone your payment beyond the free time. This interest rate is relatively stiff.

The international payment cards can be used both at home and abroad. They are divided into two main groups; debit cards and credit cards. It takes one to two weeks to get a card issued. When using cards abroad, the exchange rate may vary somewhat from the time of use to the time of the charge.

This can strike both ways

Most often it beats in your favor over buying the currency yourself. The card companies’ settlement between the different currencies in use is more efficient than what you can get yourself. Therefore, the use of cards often provides more favorable courses, rather than travel checks and cash.

Credit cards do not normally provide credit. The bank account to which the card is linked should be charged immediately after using the card. As long as you do not use the card in an electronic terminal, it will take some time for the purchase to be registered in your account. Especially if you have used the card abroad.